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Property Management

  • Providing your community with a full trained and licensed Property Manager.

  • Board recommendations for long and short term financial and maintenance goals.

  • Training current staff or recruit new qualified staff as directed by the board of directors.

  • Provide board assistance with contracts and vendor services.

  • Follow up with owners daily needs or concerns.

Financial Management

  • Assist and prepare the annual budget with input of the board of directors and/or budget committee.

  • Collection, deposit and post all owner payments received.

  • Provide a monthly accounts receivable report to the board.

  • Receive and submit all invoices for approval to the board.

  • Prepare checks for signature by designated board members.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Maintaining owners records and accounts.

  • Distribute statement of accounts

  • Accounts receivable

  • Accounts payable

  • Budgeting

  • Coordinate annual audits and reviews required by law.

  • Full service financial statements

  • Payroll including quarterly and annual payroll reporting

  • Reserve study

Board Consultation

  • Facilitate with processing and handling of insurance claims for the association.

  • Establish a bidding process for hiring of vendors, contractors and engineers.

  • Review reserve study for future community capital improvements.

  • Advise the board of directors to maintain their fiduciary responsibility.

Administrative Services

  • Prepare and distribute all owner correspondences required by community documents.

  • Maintain current list of owners contact information.

  • Attend board meetings and prepare comprehensive board packet.

  • Architectural control and enforcement.

  • Enforce all rules and regulations as directed by the board.

Janitorial & Maintenance

  • Maintain and train janitorial/maintenance staff.

  • Tailor janitorial and maintenance requirements to your communities individual needs.

  • Assess and complete work orders on a daily basis.

  • Improve the appearance and operation of your common areas.

  • Inspect property for current and future projects to be presented to the board.

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